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2009 Beneficiaries (earliest first)

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Teso Development Trust; UK Registered Charity No. 1005139
education of orphans, destitute children and those living in refugee camps.
Location: Uganda.
Amount: £5,000

Karmic Angels; Gambian Registered Charity No 496/2008
completion of construction of a 5 classroom primary school, and three toilets.
Location: Gambia.
Amount: £5,800

Bishop's Primary School
£1,500 to complete the construction of a primary school extension.
Location: Uganda.
Amount: £1,500

Tuareg Relief; UK Registered Charity No. 1127167
creation of market garden to improve food security in N'Dala.
Location: Mali.
Amount: £5,694

The St Jude Foundation; UK Registered Charity No. 800451
supply of electricity to school.
Location: Tanzania.
Amount: £8,000

Med Aid
purchase of X-Ray machine and films/chemicals etc.
Location: Burundi.
Amount: £3,355

Rwandan School Village Project; Scottish Registered Charity No. Sc038526
Purchase of school desks.
Location: - Rwanda.
Amount: £1,900

The Anglain Church Of Tanzania
Construction of two classroom primary school.
Location: Tanzania.
Amount: £6,400

Association For Women Empowerment; Incorporated Under The Companies Code: No. G.17,512
Support for vulnerable and marginalized groups, and creating opportunities for disadvantaged women through skills training.
Location: Ghana.
Amount: £5,800

Concern For Humanity And Nature Centre (Chance); Registered Ngo No. 3,535.
Renovation of three classroom primary school.
Location: Ghana.
Amount: £4,149

Human Rights And Environmental Conservation In Kenya (Hurek); Kenya Registered Ngo No. 218/051/2004/0234/3277
To buy boats, outboard motors, etc. and provide training in fishing and agriculture - as part of an income generating project.
Location: Kenya.
Amount: £6,000

Christ The Saviour Orphanage Foundation (Ct-Sof) ; Registered Community Based Organisation No. Lub/411
To provide garbage disposal facilities and proper sanitation at the orphanage.
Location: Uganda.
Amount: £6,000

Rwenzori Women's Initiative For Community Development (Rwicod): Registered Member Of "Kadde-Net" And In The Process Of Applying For Registration With The Ngo Board Of The Ministry Of Internal Affairs
To buy oxen, irrigation pumps and sesame seeds as part of an income-generating project.
Location: Uganda.
Amount: £3,800

Agape Christian Primary School
To build (and furnish) a three classroom primary school and two 2-seater VIP toilets (one each for boys and girls, accessible to and suitable for use by disabled children).
Location: Sierra Leone.
Amount: £5,800

Zasilari Ecological Farms Project (Zefp): Ghana Registered Ngo No. Dsw/4029
To build a 250 metre long irrigation canal.
Location: Ghana.
Amount: £4,500

All Ears Cambodia: Cambodia Registered Ngo
To buy an Audio-tympanometer for conducting diagnostic procedures on children and adults.
Location: Cambodia.
Amount: £4,600

Village To Village: UK Registered Charity No. 1120360; UK Registered Charity No. 1120360 And Tanzania Registred Charity No. 07Ngo/1893
To complete a community healthcare centre in Uchira Village, Tanzania.
Location: Tanzania, Uganda.
Amount: £5,000

Dawa Village Community Centre Project; Private Initiative
To build a community centre.
Location: Malawi.
Amount: £6,500

Sorbeh Nyaga Womens' Organisation; Sierra Leone Registered Ngo No. Mswgca/Vo/Bd/W 05/5
To build a Maternal and Child Health Post.
Location: Sierra Leone.
Amount: £7,000

Chibolya Education And Health Organisation; Zambia Registered Ngo
To repair two submersible pumps; build two VIP latrines at a make-shift primary school - with handwashing facilities; and conduct a hygiene campaign to reduce the incidence of cholera and other water-borne diseases.
Location: Zambia.
Amount: £2,600

Action For Integrated Development: Registered Cbo No. Cbo/Sl No. Bo/520
To construct five grain stores; supply local farmers with 300 sets of agricultural hand tools; and train 2,700 subsistence farmers.
Location: Sierra Leone.
Amount: £5,800

Kakua Women's Development Association (Kwda): Registered Cbo No. Cbo/Sl No. Bo/787
To construct three hand dug wells and six three-seater public latrines.
Location: Sierra Leone.
Amount: £6,200

Pragati Path: Indian Registered Ngo No. 154/2001-2002-J-14248
To improve access to clean, safe water.
Location: India.
Amount: £5,400

Rural Commune Of Ambila
Rebuilding 2 classroom primary school.
Location: Madagascar.
Amount: £8,993

Rural Commune Of Arivonimamo
Clean water supply.
Location: Madagascar.
Amount: £6,025

Rural Commune Of Ambohitrakely
Supply of benches for 3 classroom primary school.
Location: Madagascar.
Amount: £673

Primary School Alakamisy Marososona
Supply of 40 benches for 2 classroom primary school.
Location: Madagascar.
Amount: £503

Scripture Union Madagascar
Completion of a community craft workshop and training center.
Location: Madagascar.
Amount: £1,717

Primary School Ambila
Supply of 20 benches for 2 classroom primary school.
Location: Madagascar.
Amount: £531

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