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2010 Beneficiaries (earliest first)

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Integrated Women and Child Welfare Social Service Society;
Indian Registered Society No. 373/96
Purchase of 20 cows - as part of a revolving fund creating employment,  improving nutrition and helping to alleviate poverty.
Location: Andhra Pradesh, India.
Grant: £4,600

Goredema School
Complete the re-building of a house to accommodate 6 primary school teachers to prevent them seeking employment elsewhere.
Location:  Zimbabwe.
Grant: £1,000

Mayor of Arivonimamo
Install a safe, clean water system in Masinatsimondrano.
Location : Madagascar.
Grant: £2,903

Twekembe Association Centre for Rural
Systems and Development.
Purchase of sewing and knitting machines,  hair-dryers, re-furbished computers etc for vocational training.
Location: Uganda.
Grant: £5,500

Pan African Organisation for Research and
Protection of Violence on Women and Children.
Ghana registered charity No. G-25,584
Purchase of goats and farm implements - as part of an income generating scheme.
Location: Ghana.
Grant:  £5,700

Kinamba Community Project; UK registered charity No. 1226601
Complete the refurbishment of a three classroom primary school.
Location: Rwanda.
Grant: £500

Vakinakaratra Region
Build a 3 classroom primary school in Bemasoandro.
Location: Madagascar.
Grant: £8,800

Ghana Young Artisans Movement; Ghana Registered
Voluntary Organisation No. DSW 836
Purchase sewing machines, tools and equiment to give vocational training to 70 street children.
Location: Ghana.
Grant:  £6,500

Friends Orphanage School; Uganda registered Community Based Organisation No. UG/CBO/MAK - 220       
Build three additional classrooms. 
Location: Uganda.
Grant: £6,000

Ashanti Development; UK registered charity No. 1133517
Establish a micro-credit scheme.
Location: Ghana.
Grant: £5,600

Mpinganjira Anglican Parish Health Committee
Complete the construction of a Child Care Centre.
Location: Malawi.
Grant: £1,500

Reach the Youth; Ugandan registered NGO
Install a rain-water harvesting system and improve sanitation at an orphanage.
Location: Uganda.
Grant: £8,000

Vakinakaratra Region
Build a 3 classroom primary school in Anjoma Ramartina.
Location: Madagascar.
Grant: £8,800

Agency for Rural Development; Sierra Leone registered NGO
Build and furnish a health centre,  build a latrine and train 20 midwives.
Location: Sierra Leone.
Grant: £6,000

Charonyab Mitumba Rehabilitation and Community
Centre(CHAMRECC); Kenyan registered Commnity Based
Organisation No: 2229
Concrete classroom floors, waterproof classroom and boys'
dormitory walls and replace old text books.
Location: Kenya.
Grant: £1,000

Kailahun Integrated Development Project
Sierra Leone registered NGO.
Build a three classroom primary school, head teacher's office, staff room and three seater latrine.
Location: Sierra Leone.
Grant: £7,500

Mayor of Antanifotsy
Build a 3 classroom primary school in Saradroa.
Location: Madagascar.
Grant: £7,333

Bukokholo Children's Education Centre.  Kenyan Registered
Community Based Organisation No OP 4341.
Supply bunk beds, blankets, sheets and towels for 75 orphans.
Location: Kenya.
Grant: £5,000

Sunrise Girls' Centre; Kenyan registered Self Help Group
Build a community based resource centre.
Location: Kenya.
Grant: £5,000

Fresh Start Foundation: UK registerd charity No. 1118109
Renovate three classrooms and improve educational facilities
for the poor and other vulnerable children.
Location: The Gambia.
Grant: £5,000

Action for Positive Change; Zambian registered Community
Based Organisation No. ORS/102/16/602
Provide sources of safe, clean water and improve sanitation in  three villages.
Location: Zambia.
Grant:  £6,000

Imani Initiative Development Group; Kenyan registered
Community Based Organisation No 268/2008
Build a health centre.
Location: Kenya.
Grant: £6,000

Regional Disaster Preparedness Program:
Kenyan registered NGO No. OP.218/051/2006/0504/5157
Build two grain stores to improve food security.
Location: Kenya.
Grant: £6,500

Well Fare: UK registered charity No. 1132113
Build a latrine block at a primary school threatened with closure.
Location: Uganda.
Grant: £2,600

Global Education and Environment Development; Cameroon
registered charity
Build a street children rehabilitation centre.
Location:  Cameroon.
Grant: £7,600

Children in Hunger; UK registered charity No. 1077628
Complete work on a primary school extension.
Location: Brazil.
Grant: £3,000

Edith's Home; UK registered charity No. 1100602
Purchase tools for carpentry and sewing courses for AIDS orphans.
Location: Uganda.
Grant: £2,000

Rotary Doctor Bank; UK registered charity No. 1081630
Purchase essential equipment for the maternity ward of Kamuli
Mission Hospital.
Location: Uganda.
Grant: £6,200

Destiny Children; UK registered charity No. 1137680
Build a primary school classroom and install a rain-water
harvesting system.
Location: Kenya.
Grant: £5,400

Project Harar Ethiopia; UK registered charity No. 1094272
Local transport and other costs associated with carrying out
reconstructive surgery on 40 cleft lip patients.
Location: Ethiopia.
Grant: £10,000

Wulugu Project;  UK registered charity No. 1060691
Renovate a primary school and build suitable latrines.
Location: Ghana.
Grant: £5,750

The Manacare Foundation; UK registered charity no. 1108701
Complete work on a Training Centre for victims of the 2004 Tsunami.
Location: Sri Lanka.
Grant: £8,300

Close to You Association; Romanian registered charity No 24614261
Install electricity and drill a borehole at a new Centre for Children,
Family and Community.
Location:  Romania.
Grant: £6,000

Friends of the Street Children; Zambian registered NGO No.ORS 126/26/494
Provide a safe, clean water source and improve sanitation at two centres for vulnerable children..
Location: Zambia.
Grant: £7,000

Mayor of Zoma Bealoka
Install a safe, clean water system in a village of 500.
Location: Madagascar.
Grant: £6,500

Patmos Care and Development Centre
Registered Self Help Group;
Purchase of a maize grinding mill to generate income to feed 70 vulnerable children.
Location;  Mathare Slums, Nairobi, Kenya.
Grant; £3,000

Olney Newton Link; UK registered Charity
No. 1117694
Rebuilding latrines at an Agricultural School - recently collapsed.
Location: Newton Village, Sierra Leone.
Grant; £1,000

All Ears Cambodia
Locally registeredNGO
Purchase of specialist equipment for examining patients and diagnosing children's hearing problems.
Location;  Cambodia.
Grant; £5,000

Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust
UK Registered charity No 1124032
Purchase of operating theatre equipment.
Location; Eyecare Centre, Orissa, India.
Grant; £9,100

Mayor of Analovory
Renovate and repair a clean water system - to restore supply to a population of 2500.
Location; Analavory, Madagascar.
Grant; £5,500

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