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2011 Beneficiaries (earliest first)

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Across Lines; UK registered charity No 1135513
Fit out an orphanage and build a health centre.
Location; Bugiri and Kayunga, Uganda.
Grant; £6,000

Grapevine Community School
Build additional toilets; install a rain water harvesting system and hand washing facilities.
Location; Kayole slums, Nairobi, Kenya.
Grant; £3,500

Gbaganalor Community Empowerment Foundation
Build a three classroom primary school extension to give 150 more children access to a basic education.
Location; Bonthe Island, Sierra Leone.
Grant; £5,300

Jump4Timbuktu/Tuareg Relief; UK Regisred charity No. 1127167
Improve nutrition, hygiene and long term food security by extending
a market garden scheme and improving water capture and storage facilities.
Location; Togha, Mali.
Grant; £7,000

TESO Development Trust; UK Registered charity No. 1005139
Build a primary school classroom to accommodate children currently
being taught under a tree.
Location; North east Uganda.
Grant; £4,500

Bumala Trust; UK registered charity No. 1100492
Build a concrete tank as part of a rainwater harvesting system
to grow vegetables, improve hygiene and generate income for
a safe house and school for orphans and other vulnerable
Location; Bumala, north west Kenya.
Grant; £2,700

Foundation for Mother and Child Health; UK registerd charity No. 1117795
Improve the water supply and sanitation in four poor communities.
Location; Anin District, West Timor and Jakarta, Indonesia.
Grant; £7,200

Village Head; Tokotanitsara
Renovate a dilapidated primary school with 156 pupils in danger of collapse.
Location; Vakinakaratra Region, Madagascar.
Grant; £6,500

Chimwemwe Children's Centre; Localy registered Community Based: Organisation No. BT/SW/009/12
Build a rehabilitation and training centre for orphans and other
vulnerable children.
Location; Blantyre, Malawi.
Grant; £6,500

African Promise; UK registered charity No. 1122285
Install a rainwater harvesting system at a primary school in
Kisimenyi where there is a permanent and severe water shortage.
Location; south east Kenya.
Grant; £7,200

Mum for Mums; Locally registered charity
Supply a water storage tank, furnish and equip a day centre for
elderly women.
Location; Mekelle, Tigray Province, Ethiopia.
Grant; £1,000

Friends of Tafo; UK registered charity No. 1096242
Furnish an Islamic primary school with locally made school desks etc.
Location; Kwahu-Tafo, eastern Ghana.
Grant; £2,600

Integrated Rural Development Society; Locally registerd non-governmental organisation
Establish an income generating scheme for 20 vulnerable Dalit (untouchable) widows and their families.
Location; Tamilnadu, India.
Grant; £4,500

Mercy Childcare Special Needs Intervention Project ; Locally registered Community
Based Organisation No BDD/193
Build a day care centre for children with disabilities and learning difficulties.
Location; Bududa District, Uganda.
Grant; £7,000

Zambia Orphans of Aids; UK registered charity No. 1116460
Establish a bee-keeping project to generate income and secure the future of an orphanage and primary school at Mtaya village.
Location; Eastern province, Zambia.
Grant; £4,500

The Mayor of Tanjambato
Complete a centre to provide an education and care to 100 orphans,
street children and other vulnerable children.
Location, Antananarivo, Madagascar.
Grant; £9,500

Sadiki Development Trust; UK registered charity No. 1103931
Establish an income generating scheme (goat rearing) for 30 vulnerable women and their families.
Location; Kingatunyi, western Kenya.
Grant; £2,500 

For-Ethiopia Trust; UK Registered charity No. 1108526
Install solar panels and fridge freezers in three Health Posts -
to facilitate the vaccination of vulnerable children in remote communities against TB, measles and polio.
Location; Ejere District, Ethiopia.
Grant; £7,000 

Association Femme, Enfant, Environnement
Build a grain store as part of a food security project.
Location; Gossas, Senegal.
Grant; £4,500

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