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How to apply for a grant

As the KTCT has grown, so have the number of applications we receive for grants from small charities. We have now set up a small committee to consider applications and you can find our criteria elsewhere on this website. The committee’s chairman is Brian Donaldson. Brian served as a British diplomat in various African countries for many years, most recently as British Ambassador to Madagascar, and brings huge experience and knowledge. In keeping with our ethos, he gives his time on an entirely voluntary basis.  Initial enquiries should be sent to him by e-mail only at:

Guidance on grants

The Kitchen Table Charities Trust was created to help small charities, working mostly in Africa, which are using small amounts of money to transform peoples lives. Two essential conditions attached to KTCT support are:

  • No part of any grant should be spent in Britain on administration - including salaries and advertising campaigns.
  • Projects we support must give direct help to the very poorest (usually children or widows) at the bottom of the ladder.

These are some other criteria:

  • UK registration as a charity, or local registration in their country of operation.
  • Annual auditing or independent examination of accounts.
  • Publication of a periodic newsletter or annual report -(in which KTCT support should be acknowledged).

These are our priorities:

  • Primary education;
  • Health, sanitation and clean drinking water;
  • Child and mother care, including street children and maternity services;
  • Poverty alleviation, especially revenue generating projects.

To ensure that the benefit of available funds is spread as widely as possible, KTCT grants rarely exceed £6,000 per project or organisation.

KTCT grants are not available to part-finance projects costing more than this amount.

The Grants Committee will give preference to specific projects rather than requests for contributions to general running costs.

We expect the full participation of communities in infrastructural projects from which they or their children will benefit through the provision of labour or the supply of locally available building materials free of charge.

KTCT funds are used to improve social and economic conditions and the general well-being of communities.

KTCT grants are not available to buy land or vehicles.