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Thank you KTCT

Below are some of the emails we have received from those we have been able to help.

We received a grant from KTCT that will allow us to run our Hygiene Project for an entire year. We hope to reduce the incidence of hygiene based illnesses such as diarrhoea and conjunctivitis, it will reduce the suffering caused by these often avoidable diseases.

Nicola Ball
Project Leander

Thank you to you and your organisation, for your wonderful gift of paying for the container to take the equipment to Ghana. All these items will be given to the people who really need them. Thanking you once more on behalf of the disabled people in Ghana.

Mavis Hyde

On behalf of Orphans in the Wild, I would like to express our sincere thanks; by financing the building of new classrooms we are directly halving class sizes (often as high as 90 children).

The sinking of proper water wells impacts the whole of the community, especially as it is primarily the women and children who carry water, so this will reduce the burden of survival and improve the quality of their lives.

Jane Fox
Orphans in the Wild

For just 3p a day, we can give a child PORRIDGE for breakfast.
The Kitchen Table Charities Trust have made a life changing grant that will complete the building of the kitchen.
Hundreds of children will benefit.

So from Porridge Clubbers everywhere thank you very much.

The Porridge Club

Current annual production of hearing aids is less than ten percent of global needs. The cost of appropriate hearing aids in developing countries such as Cambodia is prohibitive - more than a Cambodian peasant would pay for his house. Through the generous grant award made by the Kitchen Tables Charities Trust it has been possible to develop our current hearing aid analysis, repair and refurbishment techniques.

The support of All Ears Cambodia by the Kitchen Tables Charities Trust has been invaluable in the development of our current outreach services in rural Cambodia.

Glyn Vaughan
All Ears Cambodia

150 is far too few [words] to express adequately what in Darfur women told me of their fear of childbirth. You will realise why having a trained midwife actually in a village is so important. The four you have sponsored will save many lives.
I can only say – Thank you.

Patricia Parker
Kids for Kids

The people of Uganda will forever be grateful to Kitchen Table Charities. Kitchen Table Charities makes transforming lives a reality among the HIV/AIDS affected and infected orphans and vulnerable children living in grandmother households in Rukungiri District. Kitchen Table Charities has led by example and provided the rural poor with rainwater harvesting tanks - this has reduced diseases.


Thank you for KTCT’s wonderful gift of £5,900 to Waterloo Schools Charity, Sierra Leone. The schools suffered terrible damage during the devastating civil war. They found teachers and students had returned but were struggling to cope with 780 primary pupils and 1060 secondary students in terrible overcrowded conditions and with virtually no equipment.

Your wonderful donation will enable us to continue the refurbishment work. Waterloo School
Sierra Leone

Edith’s Home is very grateful to the trustees of the KTCT for their generous gift. The core work of Edith’s Home is to encourage and assist AIDS orphans with vocational skills training. The remainder of the money will be used to construct a second Vocational School, where skills such as carpentry, bricklaying, agriculture and car mechanics will be taught. Once again, many thanks.
Chris Balchin
Member - UK Steering Committee

Edith’s Home

"The Kitchen Table Charities Trust is fantastic at finding and
supporting excellent small charities that don't  have a loud enough
voice to be heard in a world of many competing good causes. Our
charity enables 5,000 Tanzanian orphans to attend school and keeps
them healthy with access to medical attention when needed.

We know that £5.65 enables a child to attend primary school, which is why we refuse to spend any of our limited funds on fundraising or on administrative overheads. But this sometimes means we don't get the support we know the programme deserves.

KTCT helped us in two critical ways: Firstly, they provided us with
additional  funding that will help us to support an additional 1,800
orphans in the coming year. Secondly, they brought our charity to a
much wider audience than we could ever have hoped for through The Sunday Times Christmas appeal.

For this we owe a great debt of gratitude to KTCT"

All good wishes and thanks,
Mango Tree

When we decided to establish a school, we did not start with a building but with pupils and teachers housed in a rented dwelling. By July 2007, this house was ‘bursting at the seams’.

A very big thank you for the cheque for £5,000 which means that the purpose build School premises will be constructed very soon.Belde-Weyne School

I can hardly believe that an article has resulted in such a wonderful award for Friends From Marich Pass. The mattresses and blankets that it will allow us to provide to 2 schools in the still remote area of North West Kenya will be so well received, particularly by the students at the school for the blind, who will not even be able to see them.

Judith Gibbons
Friends From Marich Pass.

A huge thank you to the Kitchen Table Charities Trust, and for the grant to build a multi-purpose community hall at the Good Samaritan Ministries School in Lusaka, Zambia. We were overwhelmed when we received your letter.

The school started with one teacher working under the shade of a mango tree and now provides educations for 400 children from ages 5 to 16, (a large percentage of who are orphans).
Community Hall will not only serve the school but provide the wider community of Ngombe with a recreation, sports and training facility. The hall will also be used to organise much needed adult education, skills development and HIV/AIDS counselling.

Gareth Vaughan
Teacher Aid

Sincere heartfelt thanks to KTCT for their wonderful donation which enables us to renovate 3 rooms into 6 classrooms. KTCT’s donation has provided a future beyond the rubbish dump for an extra 180 children who have never attended school. Thank you!

Philippine Community Fund

We are incredibly grateful to Kitchen Table Charities Trust for providing us with the money to finish our clinic. We were in the bad position of having started something we couldn’t finish because of unexpected and substantial inflation. Worse still, without the money the work we had already done would have gone to waste.
We will use it partly to treat patients and partly to train health workers for all the communities in the surrounding district.
It is no exaggeration to say that the lives of the people in this district will be transformed.

With great gratitude from the people of the Sekyere West District of Ashanti.

Penny David
Ashanti Development

Thank you so much for your generous support of our Community Centre here in Katete in the Eastern Province of Zambia. We have 84 volunteers who live in extended families of seven, including three orphans each. They receive very small allowances and now have famine to cope with, as torrential rains swept away all the harvest in March. Thus, the promise of twenty backyard irrigation set-ups was a real boost. They have also learned about the need for a variety of vegetables to obtain all the vitamins and minerals that help fight disease. They’ve learned that it is micro-organisms that cause infections and not witchcraft - with your help you not only make many people happy, you also make many people healthy over time and prevent many HIV infections - and that is true development.

May the good Lord keep you in the palm of his hands. With heartfelt thanks, the crew, Isaac (Deputy) and Elke (Volunteer Director) of Tiko Community Centre.

Your email makes my day as I read it. It overwhelms me that you have recognized and appreciated our work in order to make such a decision.

Thanks to you all who have enabled Kitchen Table Charities Trust and the committee to give this chance to our children to sleep comfortably.

Giving this grant has made a change in these children’s life already. You may find this normal but to some children we work, this is not so. Some have never known what beds or blankets or sheets feel like and more so not to have to share with another child or owning them as personal items. So thank you very very much.

Bethisda International

The children and staff of Charonyab Mitumba Rehabilitation and Community Centre would like to thank all the kind people who give money to the John Humphrey’s Kitchen Table Charities Trust. Our school is situated just beyond the end of the southern runway of Nairobi’s second airport. We have just under 80 children who come from poor slum families (income less than 70p per day) and AIDS affected families - 20% are AIDS orphans and five pupils are actually HIV positive.

The £2000 you gave us this October is the most wonderful ‘shot in the arm’. We are going to be able to buy a set of textbooks for every pupil and are going to able to concrete our dirt floors. All these things are made possible by your unstinting generosity.

CHAMRECC School, Mitumba Slum, South Nairobi, Kenya

As the President-General of the Kinsaan Development Union (KIDU), I am writing as soon as I got the “good news” from our KIDU’s European Ambassador, of £1,500 for the extension of the Kitiwum Water Supply Scheme.Thank you immensely for your efforts to the struggling people of Kitiwum at this hopeful and expectant period of the year.

Neither you nor your charity can imagine what great relief your grant will bring to our people, who have struggled with little success for the past 20 years to extend potable water to every neighbourhood in Kitiwum.

Bame Nsamenang
President General

The Aids epidemic in Kenya is now claiming lives at the rate of 700 PER DAY. Most of them are young couples leaving many orphans behind.

We saw the need for an orphanage to give hope and a future to the orphans of Kenya and that is why we started Faith Victory Family Home.

The government does not have any grants for orphans or widows. No official aid gets to us.

Our prayers were answered through Kitchen Table Charities Trust. This has enabled us to build 2 large dormitories and 2 smaller rooms.
KTCT HAS HELPED MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I will give you but one example: Christine’s mother died in childbirth when Christine was 2 years old. Her baby sister died 2 weeks later. Her father remarried and a stepsister was born but died at 1 year old. Christine’s father died when she was 6 and her stepmother died 1 year later. From then on she was a piece of flotsam, tossed from one family to another.

Sheila Harris
Faith Victory Family Home

Thank you for raising funds for a SolarAid charity that helps the poorest communities in rural Africa use solar power to fight poverty. Your money will be used for DIY solar training for deaf and disabled people in Iringa, Tanzania. Our volunteer John Keane will train them how to build their own solar powered radios and lanterns, which they can then sell to make an income for themselves.

We will be working with a local organisation called Neema, which works with amputees, polio sufferers, and victims of spinal injury – people such as Josphat, a young deaf man with a severe curvature of the spine. For his whole life, Josphat’s name-sign has been ‘hunchback’, but since coming to Neema, his peers have changed it to ‘he is able’. The project will also work with poor children in schools to train them about the uses of solar energy for development.

Nick Sireau

KTCT’s generous donation to our charity, Zanzibar Action Project (‘ZAP’) – - earlier this year was the most fantastic news, and gave us great moral as well as financial support!
We set up our small, personal charity in response to acute medical and educational needs in an extremely poor area in southern Zanzibar. During a recent serious outbreak of cholera which broke out in the village during our last ‘field trip’, it became clear that the case was a contaminated and totally inadequate water supply. Many people fell ill, and several died.

No longer will the villagers have to walk miles each day to collect unclean water.

Zanzibar Action Project

I thought the least I could do would be to send you news of how the KTCT money that was so generously donated to the Kariandusi School Trust was spent. You may recall that I was donated £5,000 for windows for Langalanga Primary School in Kenya. All money was spent as targeted on doors and windows for Langalanga Primary School. The Opening Ceremony was a huge affair. I estimate that about 3000 people attended.

Please pass on my renewed and grateful thanks to all involved in the decision to help us. If you could see for yourself I feel certain you would conclude the KTCT money has been well spent for the benefit of hundreds of young Kenyans.

Harry Viaioiu Clark (Colonel)
Founder & Chairman
Kariandusi School Trust

The Butterfly Tree would like to say a ‘huge’ thank you to KTCT for their generous grant to help improve the lives of the ‘needy’ in southern Zambia. This will make an enormous difference to the rural communities who will all benefit from a new maternity block to replace the inadequate ‘delivery’ room, situated next to the ward with TB and HIV/AIDS patients, in the Mukuni Village Health Centre.

Jane Kaye-BaileyThe Butterfly Tree

Thank you very much for your generous donation of £5,000 in supporting of the Jambiani water committee. As you know, people of three sub villages of Jambiani are living without clean and safe water for the long time. This condition leads them to face many problems. Few weeks ago the people of this three sub villages experienced the cholera disease. Your generosity is a powerful factor in helping the people of Jambiani.

Vuai Abdu Haji
Water Project ManagerWater Project Jambiani

Usagara Green Foundation thanks the Grants Committee of Kitchen Table Charities Trust for their decision to agree a grant of £3,300. The grant will support alleviation of drudgery on women who usually fetch water for family use from distant ponds, 3km away; incidences of water-borne diseases among villagers especially children and rampant destruction of village natural forests.

Christopher S. Shilungushela
ChairmanUsagara Green Foundation

We want to say a big Thank You or Asante Sana, as they would say in Tanzania to Kitchen Table Charities and their supporters for their generous donation of £5,300.

Youth In Need Project in Tanzania is a small residential vocational training centre for boys both from the Maasai community and boys who are homeless living on the street. The boys come to us and are taught carpentry skills. These young people and their families experience high levels of poverty. The boys are often not able to access education, as their families cannot afford to send them to school. With no education it makes it very difficult to gain employment.

This money will make such a difference to these children’s lives.

Sarah Henshaw
Chair of Board TrusteesYouth In Need Project Tanzania

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